Our mindset is sustainable and environmentally conscious

Sustainability and ecology are core values at Saunaco. We’re passionate about building a sustainable future for the next generations, and love going the extra mile with our eco-friendly vision.

Our local production safeguards the quality of our materials of fair origins, and prevents a lot of CO2 emissions by eliminating unnecessary transport.

We only work with wood that meets the new EUTR requirements. The forests where our wood comes from even keep growing every year because of good forest management! We never use wood of African, South-American or Asian origin.

We use our own green energy, generated by our solar panels. We use it sparingly and according to the needs of our machines.

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Waste doesn’t exist at Saunaco,
virtually everything gets recycled

Wood is a renewable resource. After absorbing CO2 for years, we turn it into a sustainable product while a new tree is guaranteed to grow in its place.

With the oak wood shavings that remain after the production process, we heat our workshop. This way, nothing gets lost!

We use powder coating that contains 0% solvents, which is much better for the environment.

The modular character of our furniture offers the opportunity to modify and expand. High quality, flexibility and a long lifespan thus ensure a durable use of our furniture.