Belgian expertise in design en production

We guarantee designer furniture of the highest quality with the 100% made in Belgium quality mark. Because Saunaco manufactures the furniture locally, the Belgian design can really manifest itself and we can carry out direct quality checks. We also manage our own transport to ensure that our products reach your home in an impeccable state. Our quality furniture finally forms the perfect basis for every interior, and it will remain beautiful for the years to come because of the timeless design.

Quality is sustainability

Because we value sustainability, quality is one of the most important aspects. That high quality implies that our furniture remains beautiful for years to come. This is good for you, and essential for us, because cheap furniture that only lasts for a short time is a major burden on the environment. When it comes to quality, we don't just sit back but work every day to safeguard that good reputation. We pick our materials ourselves, optimize the machinery and constantly tweak the finest details to improve our furniture, so the next generations can still enjoy the wonderful design.

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We pick the materials ourselves, optimize the machinery and constantly tweak the finest details

The details of our quality

If we go into more detail, we can share that we use the best CNC machines on the market to process our quality oak. The powder coating on our MDF is scratch free and eco-friendly as well. Because our team finishes the furniture by hand, the coating is applied to the panels perfectly, so imperfections are history. Our coatings are of German origin and are chosen because of their high quality and user-friendliness. For more information about our reliable products, you can always contact us or consult our quality brochures at our dealers.