Design in sustainable oak

Layered, flexible and practical: that’s LAYER. Every component of the LAYER programme consists of different layers, chosen by you. The collection is tailored to your wishes and needs, and is contemporary and architectural too, so that the furniture fits into virtually any interior. There is room to be creative with the modular structure of the units and shelves.

LAYER is a unique collection because all of the furniture is made of high-quality oak. This characterful oak has fair origins, and is sustainably and locally processed in our workshop in Belgium. The oak gives a warm but modern look and feel, and is available in various colours. You choose the colour palette that matches your interior, for each piece of furniture: for your high board and desk, and your room divider and bookshelf.

Modular layers

‘Layering’ is the core of LAYER. For each piece of the collection we’ve designed modules that are functional and a feast for the eye as well. Are you looking for a wide low board with three compartments? Or do you prefer to add layers to create a high board? A compact sideboard with several drawers or rather an extended room divider to give your living room an extra dimension? Everything is possible with LAYER’s flexibility.

Modular layers
Compose your oak furniture yourself

Our dealers will expertly help you put together your ideal piece of furniture. Using our extensive catalogue, you can compose your own surprising and original furniture. Our inspiring examples and individual approach are the basis from which you can create your dream design according to your wishes and available space.

Flexibility and layering,
that’s LAYER

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